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Fit N' Spicy was created by Chrissy Reilly to provide clients, friends, family and followers with the best fitness, health and nutritional information to live a Fit N' Spicy lifestyle. You will receive expert advice from a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Women's Fitness Specialist, UCSD Biochemistry and Cell Biology graduate, Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and Overall Bikini Champion, national champion dancer, celiac disease sufferer and chef specializing in weight loss, lifestyle and allergy friendly nutrition plans.  She will take you into the kitchen and teach you healthy eating habits and the do's and don'ts of dieting while keeping it spicy and tasty with her homemade recipes. Also, explore the gym with Chrissy where she will demonstrate some of the best exercises and provide you with exercise ideas for each muscle group. If you are an aspiring NPC bikini competitor check out Chrissy's competition preparation guide and tips, as well as, competition services including diet and exercise plan, and routine and posing coaching. Chrissy offers one-on-one personalized fitness training and healthy lifestyle coaching. She specializes in stabilization and flexibility, weight loss, muscle building, toning and more! Chrissy will help you meet and maintain your health and fitness goals in person and online!  For further information, visit Chrissy's services page and contact information. Also, explore Chrissy's social media pages to follow the daily life of a fit, healthy and inspirational fitness guru.

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  • Services

    NASM Women's Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Specialist Offering

    -Personalized One-On-One Fitness Training
    -Buddy Session Training
    -Personalized Nutrition Plans
    -Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
    -NPC Bikini Coaching
    -Women's Bootcamps

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  • Women’s Fitness Bootcamps

I’ve been working with Chrissy since I decided to take my fitness seriously; previously I was running and working out, but wasn’t working toward long term fitness and I wasn’t seeing changes in my body. I never thought I could work to change my stomach the way we have, I never thought I could shape my thighs to be leaner in hard to target areas, I certainly never thought I could achieve definition in areas of my body that I was accustomed to ignoring - Chrissy’s targeted workouts and nutrition plans have changed the way I look, feel, and think about working out. I am so grateful to be working with her; she takes pride in a job well done and wants to see her clients succeed. Chrissy will exceed any level of effort that I’m willing to apply; she’s the first trainer who had taken the time to show me the right way to workout - not the quick way. Posture, balance, alignment, strength, these are all key aspects of our workouts. She is well educated in the area of fitness and science, her experience and results are based in application of her own teaching methods. My fitness goals are to look good, stay fit, and maintain a healthy and sexy body without injury and with sustainable results. I’m achieving those goals with Chrissy’s guidance, and I’m incredibly grateful for her support!becf9b0f-19de-40b2-83d3-6944a90f4f0e
Lauren Bacon