Common Health Myths and Mistakes


I completely agree that skipping meals is probably the number one worst mistake when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. Not only does skipping meals slow your metabolism down and lead to the storage of carbohydrates and fat, but it also causes you to over eat at the next meal and most often indulge in something unhealthy as well. When I finally became aware of my diet and health I began eating so much more and seeing phenomenal results. I am now hungry all of the time and I eat when I am hungry, but I eat the right foods and portions. 

If I lived by the scale I would go crazy. Remember, results are all that we want. How we feel and what we see in the mirror is all that matters. Often people stop working out when they realize they are tipping the scale in the undesirable direction. All that means is your body is gaining muscle, and once you have larger muscles your body is more efficient and effective at burning fat. You must stick with your exercise routine for a few months at least to start seeing results. Everyone varies and some people respond very quickly to change. However, the majority is going to take closer to three months before they start seeing weight just drop off.  If you keep your diet clean and strict you may see results within a few weeks! 

Be wary of diet foods and stick to clean natural meats, vegetables, grains and fats. During competition prep I have to use some diet products such as my zero calorie, zero sugar, allergen free maple syrup! Its a must have and everything in moderation is key. However, I eat mostly all natural foods that I prepare myself. Also, Stevia is a great sweetener for baked goods and coffee. I also enjoy coconut milk flavored creamers for my coffee. 

I will agree that over exercising leads to sleeplessness, muscle fatigue, joint pain, exhaustion, anxiety and many more symptoms. Sometimes over-exercising produces opposite results. Sleep, proper diet, and vitamins are key during competition prep and long training hours. 

FATS!! My favorite food on the planet. GOOD ones though! Healthy fats including avocado, nuts, nut butters, salmon, and oils are the basis of my diet. I love crunchy almond butter and put it on everything. Also, avocado is a good addition to any dish. Coconut oil and macadamia nut oil are great for cooking and marinating. They provide healthy nutrients, robust flavor, and both have a high smoke point so they are safe for high heat cooking and frying. 

Lastly, carbohydrates. I personally do a low carbohydrate diet, but without them I would not be able to recover. I have two high carb days per week, which I use to help my muscles recover. I stick to fruits, fiber filled foods, and complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, and quinoa.

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