About Me

Chrissy is a passionate, motivated, optimistic, and compassionate young woman with a desire to inspire others through her life experiences and obstacles that she has overcome in order to get fit. She is a UCSD graduate with a bachelors in biochemistry and cell biology with an emphasis in nutrition and health sciences. Chrissy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist as well as Precision Nutrition Certified Specialist. She specializes in one-on-one training, group training, online fitness and nutrition coaching, as well as, personalized nutritional plans. She is an NPC overall bikini champion and nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. Chrissy is sponsored by Motiv8 Performance, which is an amazing supplement company that emulates everything Chrissy believes in. Chrissy is the founder of Body Breakthrough which is a health, fitness and nutrition blog focused on educating people towards living a healthier life. Her free time is spent fitness modeling and traveling. Her favorite past time is creating guilt-free, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes for her future cook book!

Chrissy’s passions include traveling, dancing, snowboarding, hiking, cooking, learning, teaching others, and improving her overall health. She has a medical history of celiac disease and hypothyroidism that have been difficult hurdles to overcome in her journey to becoming fit and healthy. After 10 years of suffering from these diseases she has become an expert in the proper nutrition, exercise routine, and lifestyle she needs to maintain in order to feel and look great. She is an example that no weight or diet affecting disease should take over your life. You can have the body and confidence you deserve with the proper diet, exercise plan, lifestyle, and most importantly motivation, dedication and self control.

Contact Chrissy for help in jump starting your journey to becoming fit and healthy. She provides one-on-one personalized fitness training, nutritional plans tailored to your needs, online training plans, NPC bikini coaching, and expert advice on celiac disease and multiple areas of nutrition and fitness.

I grew up as a dancer, never learning how to take care of my body correctly, which caused many injuries. It's great to have a trainer like Chrissy who understands my body so well, that I'm confident she will be sure to never let me get injured. Only a few months ago I asked Chrissy to not help me lose weight, but to help tone my body. I thought she was just going to hand me weights and start counting reps for me. Instead, she educated me on health, diet, and the importance of exercising with correct form, all while customizing it to me. Being dairy free has also been a challenge for me, and Chrissy has helped me put together the correct meal plans for me in order to achieve the goal I want. In 6 weeks of training and only 2 weeks of a meal plan, I looked completely different! I thought my dream body was going to take years! Thanks Chrissy for sharing your knowledge and helping me be in the best shape of my life!
Leandra Peters